Feel free to give me feedback on my work, or just say hello, below.

5 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Mia

    So surprised to see the new direction in your work and excited for you as you choose to explore new tributaries.

    Think of you so often and thought I would just surprise you and let you know that.
    Let me know about exhibits in the metro area when they emerge (even NJ) and I’ll make sure to get there; I’ll invite Mr. Kaffel to join me.

    Keep us surprised…

  2. Mike Nixon

    Hi Gregg, I was looking at your website after noticing your comments on Facebook ree Lorene’s new drawings( I am from NZ but doing a Art Students League residency this month) . One thing , if you dont mind me saying ree website design, I love your banner but it took me a while (ok, 10 seconds ) to realise that the links, were actually loaded, i just could not even see the Header, ie Feedback , below the banner . Do you get me ? . Just reducing the size of the banner would fix this , either
    width and height, or just height alone . I hope that helps, more than welcome to provide feedback on mine, I dont do marketing very well

    Mike Nixon

  3. gregg

    I love this feature! Come to Metro 29 small works exhibit. The opening is on Friday Nov. 30 from 6pm-9pm. Would love to see and meet everyone. It’s a great show!