About the Artist

Self PortraitGregg Rosen is an artist who has been a resident of the greater New York metropolitan area his entire life.

At the ages of four and five years old, he would make drawings for his grandfather. These drawings were mostly childlike scribbling of Disney characters. Drawing one day at age five,suddenly, cognitive recognition struck.”I knew I could do this” said Mr. Rosen. “It just made sense.” An artist’s hand was born.

He didn’t receive formal training until attending college. As a student at New York City’s School of Visual Arts he studied under Judith Linhares, Nachume Miller, and Marilyn Minter.

After SVA Mr. Rosen had concentrated on figure painting. Further independent study has led him in the last few years toward abstract painting.

Mr. Rosen cites seeing a Richard Diebenkorn retrospective at the Whitney as a turning point in the way he would “see” and “objectify” the painted surface.

Mr. Rosen has exibited in various shows throughout the Northeast. Come and enjoy the emerging development of an artist creating a new path for himself.