Gregg’s Work to be Included in Mudfish 16

I also have a drawing in a collection of poetry called Mudfish 16. For more information on the collection, visit

Mudfish, a journal of art and poetry, takes its title from the storyteller’s stool in Nigerian art. It has featured the best established and emerging artists and poets – including John Ashberry, Charles Simic, and Frank Stella – since it burst onto the poetry scene in 1984.

Mudfish Magazine cover

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About Gregg

Gregg Rosen is an artist who has been a resident of the greater New York metropolitan area his entire life. At the ages of four and five years old, he would make drawings for his grandfather. These drawings were mostly childlike scribbling of Disney characters. Drawing one day at age five,suddenly, cognitive recognition struck.”I knew I could do this” said Mr. Rosen. “It just made sense.” An artist’s hand was born.